About us
F-RSIN is a brand of Christian Tauban, 46 rue des Primevères, 91420 Morangis, France, SIRET 520 285 909000 13, Laurent Herjean, 6 Grande Rue, 80140 Aumâtre, France, SIRET 514 108 984 00014 and Stevens Brichard, 6 Grande Rue, 80140 Aumâtre, France, SIRET 379 049 703 00026.

Terms and conditions
All supplies, services and offers made by F-RSIN will be subject to the following terms. By placing an order the buyer agrees to and accepts these terms.

How to order
You can purchase our kits directly from this website using PayPal. Alternatively, you may send us a Euro postal order. We accept Euro cheques at no extra cost if drawn on a French bank.

Shipping and handling
Prices shown in the kit pages are quoted in Euros and do not include shipping. We ship the smaller orders (less than 3 cm in thickness) priority airmail without a tracking number. Larger orders (over 3 cm in thickness) are shipped with a tracking number. Our shipping and handling rates are as follows, depending on the amount of your order :
Under €29.99 € : 35% of order value.
From €30.00 to €59.99 :
32.5% of order value.
From €60.00 to €79.99 € : 30% of order value.
From €80.00 to €119.99 € : 27.5% of order value.
Over €120,00 € : 25% of order value.

Delivery & availability
All advertised kits are normally ready and available. If not, they will be produced after receiving an order and will be delivered on a "first come first served" basis. The goods will be dispatched by post at the buyer's risk and expense.

Limitation of liability
Claim to compensation for damages due to impossibility of performance of services is excluded insofar as it is not due to malicious or grossly negligent action.

Precautions & warning
Our kits and accessories are not suitable for children under 10 years of age as they contain sharp and small pieces. Resin dust is harmful if inhaled : always wear a respiratory mask — sanding under a tap in a flow of water is an option. Laser-printed decals need clear-coating before dipping in water.